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Summer Seas


” The world today, ” Beston writes, ” is sick to its thin blood for lack of elemental things, for fire before the hands, for water, for air, for the dear earth itself underfoot”. 1927

Dear Sisters,

If you’re just stopping by for the first time in a while let me catch you up! Some of us are in the final pages of Henry Beston’s,The Outermost House. And, oh what an adventure it is to live as he did day by day, hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute on the great beach!  Whether you’ve been reading along or not, what could be better than to visit The Cape Cod National Sea Shore after reading about “life in the dunes” in Henry’s, The Outermost House? Grab your sunscreen, your favorite summer dress and join me on the summer seas!

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Solitary Dune

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Dear Sisters,

Since we last met, June has made her arrival and with her plenty of last-minute late-spring activities. Here at Dandelion House I’ve been sowing seeds in the raised beds and borders, preparing for a yard sale this coming weekend with my momma, and car shopping for our oldest. I’m happy to announce he finally found one that fit his budget and one he loves! He didn’t give into impulses to spend beyond his means and when the right one came along he was ready. Life has been non-stop in our world but I stole away to Henry Beston’s ” Solitary Dune”  every chance I could to finish reading his book, The Outermost House. Have you been reading your copy too? I thought I might have caught a glimpse of some of you walking the beach at low tide, chasing birds into flight just to watch them from their perfect flight patterns, and star-gazing on a perfectly clear autumn night. Come on in and let’s chat about our time away in the dune tops! Continue reading

Spring Tickles

017-001Hoe while it is spring, and enjoy the best anticipations.  It is not much matter if things do not turn out well.  ~Charles Dudley Warner

Dear sisters,

Don’t you just love the anticipation of spring? Not the first day of spring so much, but the actual a rriiiiiiiiiiv ing of spring? Say it with me. A rriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ving! It’s a time of many firsts and tried and true rituals too. Those first few sunny days over 40 degrees have a way of tickling spring right out the earth. Buds on every growing thing begin to burst, bulbs in bloom delight us with their longed for vibrant colors and fragrance and us human-folk begin to happy dance our way through spring to-do lists created during the last snow storm. Spring is working its magic on me and I’m feeling tickled about lots of fun spring things! So, come on in! I want you to be tickled too! Continue reading

Cottage Check-Up


Dear Sisters,

What a week! The sun’s been out, the skies are clear and it’s beginning to look a lot like spring in New England! Yahoo! I hope you’re getting some signs of spring in your neck of the woods too! We’ve been anxious to get down to our little slice of heaven for a while to see how the little Sea Horse survived the winter. With the improved weather conditions (temps in the low 50’s) we made a day of it last Sunday. My hubby and I brought my sweet mother-in-law along for the ride ( she just turned 92 ) to check-up on the cottage. Come on in for an off-season sneak-peak! Continue reading

Chuck It


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Dear Sisters,

Happy Spring! Would you believe we had a nor’easter yesterday? It’s still very winter like in many parts of the US and I know some of you got snow right along with us. Will it ever end? Of course it will! In fact it’s supposed to warm up along the shorelines for the weekend bringing rain that’s sure to send Old Man Winter packing for good! What’s a girl to do when she’d rather be outside digging in the dirt? I’ve been taking advantage of the cold weather to get some much-needed spring cleaning done. And I’m not talking dusting, mopping and fresh towels for all the bathrooms. I wish! Nope. I’ve been knee-deep in boxes in the recesses of our basement. Do you think I found any treasure? I found a few things I can’t live without, but I’m giving the rest the ole heave-ho! Well, most of it anyway…

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