The Flower Tribe

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Dandelion House Mums

Dear Sisters,

Happy Thanksgiving! By the time this post goes live, you’ll have wiped the pumpkin pie crumbs from the corners of your mouth and packed away the last of the mashed potatoes and gravy. I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday with your loved ones. We sure did. In fact, I just ordered two pair of leggings ( hip stretchy pants ) online to get me through the rest of the holiday season! This is the time of year when our sense of gratitude heightens and all that we hold dear becomes crystal clear. The obvious and most important of those being family, friends, FARMGIRLS and community. So where do flowers come into play here? I coordinated The New England Farmer Florist Community’sFall Floral Exchange” earlier this month and I’m excited to share the day with you!  I’ll share tips on how to plan a similar event, you’ll go behind the scenes of a dream floral studio and you’ll meet the Flower Tribe! Continue reading