The Beach Farmgirl Goes To Work ( PLUS our Egg Apron Winner)

12974396_1117904124899411_3469930260486112737_nDear Sisters,

After 16 years of being a professional domestic engineer, (homemaker) I’ve joined the outside work force once again and I am loving it! At first, I didn’t like the idea very much mostly because it marks the end of a very special chapter in my life. Our youngest turned 18 this year and suddenly this stay at home mom was out of a job. I’ll admit there have been more than a few tears during this transition, but the joy of seeing our young adult children finding their way in the world and meeting their adult responsibilities helps to ease the sadness I was feeling. I just bet some of my farmgirl pals can relate. While we don’t have an empty nest yet, they certainly don’t need mamma like they used to! Have you guessed what I’m doing for work yet? Come on in and see if you’re right! Also, be sure to stay with me till the bottom of this post. I’m announcing our winner of the Fluffy Layers Egg Collecting Apron Giveaway! Continue reading