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Dear Sisters,

Can you believe we are only a few short weeks away from the first day of Spring? Just the thought of warmer days and the greening of my gardens brings pleasant thoughts while I shovel the newly fallen snow off of my car and walkways. But that’s not all that’s helping me get my spring-spiration on. Every year in deep winter I spend time getting re-acquainted with a few of my favorite garden guru’s from days gone by. The gardens of Tasha Tudor, Beatrix Potter, and Claude Monet’ are worthy of a trip to the Library or a quick Google search for I can always count on them to remind me that each new growing season promises new lessons to be learned and more joys amongst the flowers and garden visitors. Come on in and meet one of my favorite garden ladies of yesteryear! Continue reading

Things That Make Us Happy!


Dear Sisters,

Our daughter came home from school one day last week, went right to her favorite landing spot ( the couch) and said, high-school is tough. She and a girl friend had been chatting  on the bus ride home and both were having a particularly teenager-y sort of day. Do you remember those? Continue reading