A Very Wilder Christmas

Hey Farmgirls,

I have a confession.

I’ve been a bad Farmgirl.

It is Dec. 14 (when I began writing this post) and I JUST put up our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations (of which we have three…two stockings and a felted mounted Rudolph head; stocking three is in the making).

Popcorn garland and God's eye ornament on the tree.

Popcorn garland and God’s eye ornament on the tree.

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Hike it, Baby


“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R Tolkien

This ubiquitous quote remains one of my favorites because I identify with it so much–indeed I wander to find myself.  I usually feel far from lost while on a trail or not (except this one time in Utah when the sun was getting low, and we could not find our camp site after a post-dinner walkabout).  With a decent map and a fair sense of direction (and the help of today’s technology) getting truly lost can be fairly difficult.  As far as hiking goes, I am quick to qualify many wanderings and walks as hikes.  If I’m wearing hiking boots, walk on trails away from a roadway or take more than 30 minutes, my walk becomes a hike.  It turns out I take lots of hikes!

We found snow in the mountains during this hike on Nov. 24 when there wasn't any in the lowlands.

We found snow while wandering through a mountain meadow a couple weeks back. Yay Snow!

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