Chuck It


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Dear Sisters,

Happy Spring! Would you believe we had a nor’easter yesterday? It’s still very winter like in many parts of the US and I know some of you got snow right along with us. Will it ever end? Of course it will! In fact it’s supposed to warm up along the shorelines for the weekend bringing rain that’s sure to send Old Man Winter packing for good! What’s a girl to do when she’d rather be outside digging in the dirt? I’ve been taking advantage of the cold weather to get some much-needed spring cleaning done. And I’m not talking dusting, mopping and fresh towels for all the bathrooms. I wish! Nope. I’ve been knee-deep in boxes in the recesses of our basement. Do you think I found any treasure? I found a few things I can’t live without, but I’m giving the rest the ole heave-ho! Well, most of it anyway…

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Backyard Bee-Friendly Blooms

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Dear Sisters,

The spring thaw is upon us here in the northeast and what remains of the snow is FINALLY beginning to melt little by little. I saw ” green things “ poking out of the wet earth as I walked around the garden this week and that means it won’t be long before I’ll be hearing the soothing hum of Bees buzzing in my ears once again! With over 4000 species of Native Bees in North America looking for flowers and plants to pollinate now’s the time to be thinking about adding some Bee-friendly blooms to your yard! Come on in for a list of plants that will create a buzz throughout the flowering seasons and BEE inspired to help the Bees! Continue reading