Legend Has It

I saw a funny meme (okay…I don’t really know what a meme is…whatever) today about living in Alaska.  It has a man asking a little boy, “When does spring start?”  The little boy replies: “I live in Alaska…” with a sad look on his face, the man then tenderly hugs the boy, comforting his obvious dismay.  Well, I think spring has sprung!  The skies have been crystal clear and the temperature is rising.  Some days it’s even above freezing.  Plus, we have little to complain about compared to the brutal winter that the majority of the US faced this winter (although I’m still a bit jealous…).

BLUE skies and melting snow!  Hello Spring

BLUE skies and melting snow! Hello Spring

My father and stepmother visited two weekends ago to visit their cutey-patootie granddaughter Ava, and they were blessed with these same crystal clear, azure skies.  The mountain ranges were out in full force–they even got to lay their eyes on the behemoth Denali.  We also had beautiful views of Mount Susitna (also called The Sleeping Lady) during our drives to and from Anchorage.  There is a legend associated with this mountain that has become one of my favorite stories to share with others.

grandpa mark

A grandfather and his new granddaughter!

Please allow me a moment to put on my story-teller cap here…

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Milkin’ It or…Mylkin’ It?

My partner and I have a few silly arguments that we visit now and again–perhaps when we’re out to eat and the conversation is dry.  One is over the meaning of the word “milk.” He grew up on a dairy farm and insists that milk must come from a female mammal.  Any “milk” that is not animal based is not milk, it should be called juice…or something.  Soy juice?  Rice juice? No thanks….Coconut juice?  Sure! But I would expect something different from what I’d get.  My argument is that juicing something is also different than the processes used to make dairy free alternative milks.  We generally come to an impasse and move on.  Recently, he said that he would accept an alternative spelling–M-Y-L-K for the alternatives.  It works for me.

Home Made Almond Mylk: Easy and Delicious!

Home Made Almond Mylk: Easy and Delicious!

However, I digress…

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