Cape Cod Christmas

Dear sisters,

Living near the sea is something this desert farmgirl promised herself she’d never, ever take for granted. After eleven years of being docked bayside I am still in awe of the power of the sea to calm any rough waters I may come in to. This month in particular has left all of us feeling adrift in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. All I know is that we have to keep on walking in love and faith and do our best to shine our brightest when it’s our turn in the sun. Those in darker, stormier times need our rays of hope to guide them in their journey back to the light. And so, in true farmgirl fashion that is what I intend to do. Before we jump into that sleigh for our ride over the Sagamore Bridge let’s join hands in a prayer for peace and hope.

Then it’s off to Cape Cod for some Christmas spirit BEACH STYLE!
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Turn In And Dig Deep

It may be that those who dream most do most~ Stephan Butler Leacock
Dear Sisters,
Tis the season for all things bright and to reflect upon last year’s creative growth. Now that we are knee deep in nesting mode it’s time to turn in, dig deep and UN-EARTH your BIG FARMGIRL DREAMS for 2013! Are your gardening tools handy? You’ll need them to do some rooting around over the winter months as you uncover where your CREATIVE GENIUS will take you for the coming year!  I’m talking about Soul-work, home-work. Are you in? It’s your turn to shine!

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