Inspiration Through Vacation

It’s that time of year again–the time of year when we yearn for a vacation! These wanderlusting times seem to pop up, at least for me, at the end of the busiest parts of spring, and the end of the busiest parts of summer. Just like spring cleaning and fall cleaning, our bodies and minds are ready for some nice decluttering action! While I won’t be able to go on an extended vacation soon, we have put our last few weekends to GREAT use!
Alex and Evan go backpacking!

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The Organics Debate

***disclaimer: My camera is having technical difficulties! Sorry for the lack of pictures…I will continue to try to upload!***

Summer is over in Alaska and the winter is quickly approaching. We have seen frosts four of the last five nights–even row cover isn’t saving some of the very “precious” (as Farmer Amanda calls them) plants! The termination dust is creeping down the mountains. Termination dust is the first glimpse of snow on a mountain, signifying the termination of summer. Alas, summer in Alaska is fast and furious and now we’re heading, prematurely, into the long haul of winter. I see my friends and family in the lower 48 are still out enjoying boat rides and morning tea on the porch.

Even if winter is coming on fast–I LOVE the fall! The air is crisp, the too thick foliage (in some places) is dying back and cleaning itself out, and our brains are ready to learn. What is it about the fall that encourages us to learn, discuss and debate? Perhaps it has been conditioned in us from years of going back to school every fall. Perhaps this is some research to be explored in those forementioned long months of winter!

Well, school is back in session, harvest season is winding down, and the internet has been abuzz with debates about the costs and benefits of organic food consumption and production. What is all the fuss about?

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