The Power of Stories

Stories have played a large role in this Farmgirl’s life for the last week and a half.  From teaching, to reading, to interacting with people and plants, words and their transformative powers abounded enough for me to take note.  I read an Orion piece in which the author, Brian Doyle, reflects, “My god, stories do have roaring power, stories are the most crucial and necessary food, how come we never hardly say that out loud?”  So here I am saying it out loud: Stories have roaring power!  Fact or fiction, long or short, succinct or rambling, the best stories transport us, transform us and leave us changed.


Image of a woman reading from the National Media Museum, circa 1900

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Nature vs. Nurture

“There are those who can live without wild things and there are those who cannot.” ~Aldo Leopold

I am one who cannot.

The Wood Frog–The only wild frog species in Alaska.

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