Too many tomatoes? Bursting with berries? Open your own Farm Stand!

May…like a butterfly she flits up and down, undecided just where she will land. She teases with warm Spring showers, then surprises us with frosty nights that feel like late October. Each day May dances somewhere between sun-kissed celebrations and cozy sweater-weather.

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  1. TheCrankyCrow says:

    I couldn’t love this post more! Each and every one reminds me of the nostalgic sights, tastes, and feel of growing up in a simpler time and a simpler way. Your little milkhouse stand looks amazing. I’d be a way-too-frequent visitor. Wish someone would do that in these parts! ~Robin~

    • Mary Murray says:

      Oh Robin, you say the nicest things…I’d love to have you as a “way-to-frequent” visitor! Hmmm, take a look around next time you’re out and see if there’s not a little produce stand nearby, it might be just off a main road and a little hard to spot. I hope you can find one. And I agree…I’m drawn to those sweet, simple ways as well – kindred spirits!

  2. Kim Steckler says:

    Your milkhouse baked goods shop looks so inviting! You did a great job of revamping and repurposing. I wish I could stop by, but it would be a bit of a drive (I live in Arizona)! I can at least enjoy the photos.

    • Mary Murray says:

      Thanks Kim for the kind words…the before pictures are a bit scary! I love that we get the chance to visit here, even though it’s across the miles…we can still share ideas and cheer each other on!

  3. Debbie Fischer says:

    Mary, I love your Farm Stand and the Milk house, so Farmgirl and cheerful. I certainly would stop for a visit sit a spell and chat if I lived in your area. And who doesn’t love home grown veggies and apple pie.
    Enjoy your summer and have fun with your new Venture.

    • Mary Murray says:

      Hi Debbie – thank you for stopping by! I have a friend who grew up on a dairy farm, so it was terrific to have her nearby to answer questions about items I found in the milkhouse. And I love that saying: “sit a spell” we don’t hear that nearly enough, and it’s something that we could all do more often… a good, old-fashioned stress reliever! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    Wished I lived nearby!

    • Mary Murray says:

      Awww, thanks Sylvia…see if you can’t find a roadside stand near where you live. I guarantee the gal (or guy!) who runs it would love to tell you all about their veggies or flowers, and maybe there’s a home-baked pie just waiting to go home with you!

  5. Lynette says:

    What a wonderful story. I love your ideas and wish I lived in the country to set up a farm stand.

    • Mary Murray says:

      Hi Lynette – double-check your local guidelines, some farm stands are set up in suburban areas, too! Think of it like an old-fashioned lemonade stand, only with your extra veggies, Mason jars of flowers, or baked goods. It’s always best to see what the local restrictions are, but I see little tables set up along the sidewalk in town with loaves of bread, tomatoes, and even mini pies for sale. No matter where we live, we can bring some of the country right to our own front yard!

  6. Krista Butters Davis says:

    Mary, this blog post is wonderful! I would love to have a farm fresh stand in the future. In the past my only extra item was zucchini lol! This year I am hoping to have a lot more with my expanded garden. Once I can officially figure out what my family needs and what I am able to can, then I can start considering a farm stand. I am so happy it has worked out great for you. Good luck with your cute store again this year.

    • Mary Murray says:

      Krista, thanks for making me smile, I’m so glad you enjoyed my “tons of tomatoes” adventure! Once you have your family’s food storage needs decided, your extra zucchini is a perfect way to start a sweet little stand. You don’t need to have oodles of variety to offer, you will be known as the farmgirl who has the best zucchini in town!

  7. Staci D says:

    I love roadside stands. There’s something so sweet about them and it seems there is always something good!! Your ideas are wonderful, and your descriptions make them come alive in my mind as I read this post. I’m so happy for you that your “not shop” shop has worked out well. And your redecoration of the milkhouse looks great! Thanks for sharing on your blog that you are writing here. I just love reading any of your posts!

    • Mary Murray says:

      Staci, thank you so much for stopping by…truly, I’m always learning from you! There were days last year the “not shop” was quiet, but I’m hoping I learned what neighbors like best, and to focus on those items this year. Until then, the recipe testing continues…which is not the best thing for my waistline!

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