Quarantine Cooking ( and other tidbits )


My repurposed TV armoire ( now pantry) is stocked and ready!

Dear Sisters,

I hope you and your families are well and are weathering these times with some tried and true farmgirl grit. If you’re a ” front-lines ” farmgirl our hats are off to you! If you’ve been ill and have recovered, my prayers were answered. And if you lost someone dear to you from Covid19 please accept my deepest sympathies. I’m still grappling with the current state of affairs we find ourselves in and some days it’s just too overwhelming to try and make sense of. So I cook and cook AND cook to relax and keep my handsome Yankee, mom and daughter well fed. I DO enjoy cooking and the #stayhome mandate has allowed me the extra time to try a bunch of new recipes ( some good, some not so good). Continue reading