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Rocks and Pine Cones

Happy New Year Farmgirl sisters!

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying these days of growing sunshine.  I just read Dori and Nicole’s posts from the last two weeks and they are so inspiring.  Their outlooks, commitment and encouragement are infectious.

I might not be quite as inspiring, but I feel like my story might help those of you who maybe haven’t acted on your inspirations and motivations.  I stand here in solidarity with you.  Plans are easy, execution of plans is hard. We are not in this alone, sisters!

Sisters! Sun! Snow!

Sisters! Sun! Snow!

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Happy New Year friends!  Isn’t there something about a new year that is so refreshing?  I’m not really one to make resolutions but I definitely make goals and this year is no different.


The last week or so I’ve been looking back at the previous year and trying to find the areas where I made PROGRESS in the goals I had set for myself.  Obviously there are some where I feel like nothing changed but there is one area where I’ve made great PROGRESS and this post is about that.

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A “New” Approach to New Year’s Resolutions


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a great holiday season. December here was wonderful, with friends and cheer surrounding us. This year, I’m not making a “new” New Year’s resolution- instead, I’m sticking to a “different” way of thinking, and THAT’S made all the difference!

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