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Farming with Kids

I am guilty of having been the best parent before having children of my own.  My kids were going to be the hippest kids around.  They would become the most environmentally-conscious-vegetable-eating-adventurous little bodhisattvas around, for sure.  I definitely knew how to curate kids to embody these traits!

I mean...this could be an album cover!

I mean…this could be an album cover!

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It’s All Part Of The Club




Did I tell you that I joined the garden club in our little town?  (My grand-girls think they are members too since they get to go with me each month!)  Someday I’ll share some of our duties but today I’d like to tell you about the very first meeting of the year back in January when a notebook went around the room for the members to fill in what month they would like to host the meeting and meal in their home.  It’s not a requirement and the really great thing is that we have access to a nice room in the Museum where we can have our meetings and potluck, but there is something about going to someone’s home that is really special.

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Gone Glamping!



Summer’s flown by! For us, it wasn’t the best of summers (disgustingly humid, extremely rainy and boiling HOT), though we did have some great moments. The highlight this summer was last weekend: we (finally) got to go camping and participated in our second-ever vintage camper rally!

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