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Dahlia Days Are Here!

2016-08-09 14.21.55 edit

First farm bouquets of the season with dahlias, zinnias, cleome, variegated scented geranium and foraged queen annes lace.

Dear Sisters,

They’re here! They’re here!  F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.  Dahlia days are here! Thank goodness, because I’ve got a wedding to do! I’ve been watering, feeding and sweating my fool head off to keep the flowers going in this heat and it’s been worth every drop! Come stroll through the dahlia patch and get a glimpse of my first wedding of the season.

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Sittin’ and Thinkin’ and…

“Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.”

Been doing a lot of sittin’ since my surgery. A. LOT. And a lot of sittin’ and thinkin’ too.

I have never before in my life experienced anything like this. Where I’m just stuck. Still.

But what it has done is given me time for all this sittin’. And thinkin’. And I have indeed thunk.

And also done other things with an apostrophe at the end instead of a “g” while I’m sittin’.

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Waste Not, Want Not

Hi Farmgirls!  Harvest season is in full swing up here in Alaska, I imagine your gardens are producing (or everything is bolting?) in excess with the amount of heat the lower 48 has been getting.  On the farm, we have seen especially high yields of peas, zucchini and broccoli–nearly to the point of having too much to sell and eat!  In the past, I would have dedicated a few days to putting up food for the winter, but it turns out that small children make this pretty difficult.  Who would’ve thunk?

These girls are so helpful!  Yes, that is a mud goatee on Opal...soil is good for gut flora, they tell me.

These girls are so helpful! Yes, that is a mud goatee on Opal…soil is good for gut flora, they tell me.

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Farmgirl Fencing {And A Million Other Farm Things}



This summer, three years after we finished building and moved into our home, my husband and I finally started the long and hot project of building the fence around our house.  This isn’t just a simple little fence, friends!  We’ve dreamed of one of those beautiful post and rail fences that you see all over Tennessee and Kentucky on the horse properties.  You know what I’m talking about right?

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Summer Transitioning


I hope this post finds you all enjoying some blissful, relaxing summer time. It’s been a good summer here, although it’s fleeting fast! For us, it’s been a summer of transition, and August will bring more changes with back to school, fading summer gardens, and soon, transitioning seasons. Grab a glass of somethin’ cold and relax as I share some tips to make summer transitioning smooth sailing and full of “Hygge”.

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