Beach Fever


Dear sisters,

Have you had enough of winter or are you still in hibernation mode? I love winter. I really do.  I’ve learned to sink into it and relish the quiet and the cold. But come this time of year my biological beach clock starts ticking letting me know that spring is just a few short weeks away and not only will it be time to set my flower farm plans in motion, but our annual ritual of returning to the beach will begin again too. BEACH FEVER is setting in and it’s contagious! Continue reading

There’s a Garden in There Somewhere (A Garden of Love )

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Happy Valentines’ Day from the Beach Farmgirl.

Dear sisters,

Happy Valentines Day! The ” love “ holiday isn’t just for googly-eyed couples. It’s for everyone, ALL AGES, every moment of the day if you are willing to keep your heart open. Come on in for some seeds of happiness you can sow in your garden of love. Continue reading