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Max Moments { Pooch Parade }


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“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”
~ Dean Koontz

Dear Sisters,

Did you celebrate National Dog Day this week? I know some of you did because you posted pics of your darling dogs on Facebook. I couldn’t leave Max out of NDD so I joined in too! As I searched our “Max” files on the computer for that ” just right” photo to post I discovered we have ” almost” as many photos of him as we do our kids! Care to join me in a little ” pooch parade?” Continue reading

A Berry Misadventure and Other News

Sometimes, a carefree morning of harvesting wild berries transforms into a challenge that must be defeated!  This happened to me this week with several kids (and one soon-to-be-kid…)in tow.  Without those determined kiddos, this Farmgirl would have turned around long before the rewarding finale.

Farmgirls in the making.

Farmgirls in the making.

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I Can Feel It, I Can Just Feel It

 “Well, the sun’s not so hot in the sky today. 

I can feel summertime slipping away.

A few more geese are gone,

A few more leaves turning red.

From “September Grass” James Taylor

I can feel it.

Ever so slightly. But I can just feel it. Barely. But there.


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Farmgirl Artwork {Patent Illustrations}



Are you like me and you’re always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive projects that you can use to decorate in your home or to give as gifts?  A couple of years ago when we finished building our farmhouse and moved in, I was a little stumped with the bare walls in my hallway.  It’s a short hallway and I didn’t think it was exactly the wall for a gallery of pictures, it called for something simple and unique.  About that time I read an article about old patent illustrations being a work of art.  I knew right away that I was going on the hunt.

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Farmgirl Roadtrip: Blue Skies, Blue Water, Blueberries…Beautiful Frye Island, Maine


Summer 2015 has been perfect here in New England. Mother Nature granted us some great weather – perfect for a vacation! Recently, my dear friend Susan (you might recognize her as my “Chicken Guru”), invited us for a Farmgirl road trip, just us girls and the kiddos (our hubbies stayed home to work and pet/chicken sit). Since I’ve never been North past Boston, Massachusetts, I was especially excited to see another part of New England! Continue reading

Sweet Summer Surrender at the BEACH

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Dear Sisters,

I hope this mid-summer note finds you feeling relaxed and renewed. I pray you’ve had some time to unwind, and just ” be “. Time to “be” without pressing deadlines and to do lists. We just returned from our annual week on the shorelines and oh what a week it was. It was just the dose of Vitamin Sea that we needed to surrender to sweet summer. What’s that you say? ” Take ME to the ocean! ” D.O.N.E.

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Dog Days

Dog days make us all sleepy enough to take some zzzz's in the most unlikely of places, like in a backpack.

Dog days make us all sleepy enough to take some zzzz’s in the most unlikely of places, like in a backpack.

We are in the thick of the dog days of summer.  This is different in Alaska than it was growing up in the Midwest.  In Alaska, it is “hot” when it’s over seventy degrees.  For some reason it feels WAY hotter!  Maybe it’s because of the angle of the sun?

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Book Loving Farmgirls – And A Give-Away!



We are a family of book lovers and my grand-girls are no exception.  My daughter home schools her little girls and so for the last year I’ve had that wonderful privilege of watching my oldest grand-daughter, Jillian, learn to read.  Every day when I would see her she was excited to tell me of the next thing she had learned in her reading.  She loves sharing little tidbits of information with us, like this:  “Hey Gramps did you know that Blue Jays live in Oak trees because they love acorns”?

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“Nothin’ But Love”… A Never-Ending True Love Story


My husband and I dream of owning a camper, someday driving across the USA. Recently, I met a special glamper and “Sisters on the Fly” member who did just that with her husband. Now, she’s traveling alone, on a special mission, carrying on her husband’s legacy of love.

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