My Farmers Market Debut


Dear sisters,

Accomplished. Relieved. Satisfied. Useful. Happy. Tickled. Motivated. Inspired. Fulfilled. Refreshed. Relieved. Just a few words ( OK, more than a few) to describe how I felt AFTER our debut at the Farmers Market Last Week. Why was I so darned nervous anyway? Continue reading

Just Bloom


Plant your wildest dream seeds and grow a patch of wonderful. Deb Bosworth

Dear sisters,

I think you’ll agree we farmgirls are constantly looking for fun ways to do new things with an old-fashioned farmgirl twist!  Whether it’s making totes bags from reusable feed-sacks, re-vamping your glamper-camper, building your first chicken coop or dairy barn or starting your own farmgirl enterprise, Mary Jane has us covered. With a fearless farmgirl leader like Sister #1 at the helm, how can you NOT just bloom? And I mean B.L.O.O.M! Continue reading

My Hen House Has A Twin

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Deb’s Little Red Hen House
























Dear sisters,

It’s true! My hen house has a twin. An IDENTICAL twin! And that’s not all. My handsome Yankee and I made some new friends to boot! Come on in and meet Donna, Ken and their girls and get a peek their NEW Little Red Hen House.

Continue reading