Garden Girls


My faithful garden companion, Max and I.

Dear Sisters,

Whew doggies. Spring is such a glorious season in New England. Why, it’s enough to make a farmgirl feel born again! The weather is perfect for completing late-spring garden chores and planting some pretty, perky bedding annuals for a bold, burst of color. My daughter and I made an UN-planned trip to a new nursery today and got carried away with the beautiful blooms. Continue reading

Mother’s Log ~ Special Days and Celebrations

2015-03-20 09 EDIT

Eagle Scout, Zachary Bosworth

Dear sisters,

As moms, we log a lot of miles with our children. Starting from day one we manage, mark and track hundreds of important events in our children’s lives. We love, nurture, nudge and nourish. Encourage, excite, and inspire. Sometimes, we have to push, pull and prod them along when they drift off course. But that’s all part of the amazing journey of motherhood. We recently celebrated our sons Court of Honor Eagle Scout Ceremony. It was proud day for all of us and one for the Mother’s Log for sure. Please join us in honoring our young man, Zachary and his good friend and fellow Eagle Scout, Brendan! Continue reading