Slow Growin’


Dear Sisters,

See the raindrops on those beautiful seed packets? You know what that means don’t you? The New England thaw has officially begun! With every raindrop that falls, another inch of frozen snow washes away exposing a little more bare ground and our garden furniture! Continue reading


2015-03-08 001 2015-03-033

Dear Sisters,

With the arrival of spring just days away I have to ask, did you get your fair share of snow this year? Well, just in case you had a mild winter and you missed being snowbound once or twice, I thought I’d share some of our New England snow with you! Bundle up it’s a might chilly! FYI. Sprinkled throughout this post are images from our most recent snow storm. I feared it would be our last major snow fall and just had to get out and breathe it in. I hope you enjoy these peaceful images as much as I did taking them. Hear the quiet, breathe the fresh air, feel the magic and see beauty of snow. Continue reading