Deb’s Recipe For 365 Days of Gratitude


Dear Sisters,

Happy ( almost ) Thanksgiving! Just thinking about the true meaning of Thanksgiving makes me feel happy and grateful! Loved ones gathering from far and wide (and sometimes just down the road or next door ) to feast on food made by many busy hands and the blessings of being together. Imagine what would happen if we kept that feeling alive every day of the year? I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I believe I’ve got the beginnings of a GREAT (and SIMPLE ) recipe for a delicious and life-changing ” gratitude stew ”  and I need your help to finish it! Are you game? Continue reading

Who’s Coming Home to Roost?

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Dear Sisters,

I feel like it’s Christmas in November and not because it’s snowing outside. Our whole family is over-JOYED about our new roommates! They’ll be moving in with us in a couple of weeks and we just can’t wait!

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