The Farm

“We’re going to the farm.”

“I think it’s back at the farm!”

“When we were at the farm…”

The Farm. When in certain places and in certain company, “The Farm” means the same thing to everyone who is in the know.  I work on one farm, but when I’m referring to “The Farm” around these parts, everyone knows it’s in reference to Spring Creek Farm.  Even though these two farms are only about a mile away from each other, one is “The Farm” and one is “Sun Circle.”  When in North Dakota, where there are hundreds of farms, “The Farm” is Evan’s parents’ farm.  When in Minnesota, where there are also hundreds of farms,”The Farm” is my mom’s place in central Minnesota.

The old horse and cow barn.

The old horse and cow barn at the Minnesota The Farm

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Spark of Madness

Oh, Robin…I miss you!  Isn’t it curious how we come to “know” and miss these famous people that never know of our existence?  The passing of Robin Williams has been weighing over my creative mind (and many others’ minds, as well), so I’ve been mulling over how to come up with a tribute to him while also keeping to my intended writing.  While he was never a huge part of my life by any means, I grew up watching and loving his movies.  I grew up in the heyday of Williams’ films: Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Patch Adams, Hook, Aladdin, Jack…I’m in my childhood home, now, and feeling nostalgic for those carefree days of childhood. As a teenager and young adult, I came to appreciate his films for older audiences: The Dead Poets’ Society, The Birdcage, Death to Smoochie, Good Morning Vietnam, and Good Will Hunting. Then there is his infamously hilarious and raunchy stand up.  

Future comedian?! Probably.

Future comedian?! Probably.

With this large and long catalogue of work, he left behind many wonderful quotes–quotes that are not only funny, but insightful, as well. 

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