Full Blooms Ahead Flower Show


Dear Sisters,

Oh how I wish you could all come by for a day in the garden with me! The flowers have their best smiles on right now! Despite the buckets of rain that fell on them over the last two days, they’re putting on quite a show! Since we can’t be together ” for real ” this virtual flower show will have to suffice…Kick off you’re shoes and let’s get going. You’re in Blackfoot Farmgirl territory now… Continue reading

Daisies On My Doorstep


Dear Sisters,

Whew doggies, it’s HOT!!! Hot, humid and sticky! What am I fussing about the weather for? It’s always like this come 4th of July here on the shorelines. You know what else happens this time of year? The Daisies on my doorstep are in bloom! Would ya look at how happy they look? I guess they love the heat. Me? Not so much. I think I might have to break down and get a string of Hot Girls Pearls for when I’m out communing with the garden this summer! But I digress. I’m always so happy to see the daisies arrive! I didn’t plant them there. The previous owner of our house must have planted them and the last 12 years they’ve never failed to bloom. Not even once. While other perennials in that flower bed have grown root bound and leggy the daisies look as fresh and innocent ( I’m guessing ) as the day they were planted. Why do you suppose that is? I have a theory… Wanna hear it? Continue reading