Cottage Days

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Dear Sisters,

I hope this note finds you all healthy and happy for the upcoming Memorial Weekend holiday. A farmgirls work is never done, even on the holidays. There’s still plenty of feeding, planting, milking, cleaning and caring to be done but that can wait a few minutes! I’m reminiscing about Cottage Day’s to come and I’d love some company! We’ve got so much to be grateful for and the beach is the perfect place to find some quiet and remember those who have fought and still fight for our luxurious freedom every day. Come with me and we’ll clear our heads together at the beach! Only one condition. Check your cell phone at the cottage door! No selfies, snap chats, tweets or tumbles allowed!!! Continue reading

WANTED: Mom’s for Hire. Apply Within

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Dear Sisters,

Do you ever wonder how many of us would become mother’s if we had to apply for the job like we do other kinds of work? The job description might go something like this:

WANTED: Mom’s for Hire. Apply Within

Must be 25 – 40 ( give or take a few years ) and healthy. NO DRUGS, BOOZE OR TOBACCO

Woman wanted for the high-ranking position of Motherhood. Must be ambitious, smart, sensitive, funny, compassionate, flexible, domestic, career minded, spiritual, diplomatic, tenacious, creative, discerning, intuitive, energetic, a good cook, handy with a butter knife, able to operate on disturbed sleep ( for the rest of your life ), have a strong stomach, and willing to work long hours.

No retirement. Guaranteed moments of sheer ecstasy and pride, joy and terror, heart-break and confusion, laughter, comfort, amusement, and, and, and…

Come on in and help me add to this list of ” reasonable, eh ehem,  Mom  requirements ”


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