So Long February. Hello, March Madness!


“The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.”
–  Joseph Wood Krutch

Dear Sisters,

Of all the months of the year February has got to be the most challenging. I know for certain this is true for good old New England! Winter doesn’t really get going until February in these parts! If it weren’t for the freezing temperatures I’d probably go a little easier on February but it’s snowing again today and my romance with Old Man Winter is beginning to cool. As a matter of fact, I’m tossing him out on his ear muffs right here and now with you as my witness! It’s not that we haven’t had some special times together because we have.
It’s just that I’m feeling a little antsy these days. The garden is calling me and I’m ready to grow baby grow! How can I do that if he’s still hanging around cluttering up the place with his wet blankets of snow and ice? Continue reading

Beachgirl Romance

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Dear Sisters, Boy has it been cold, wet and white here on the shorelines. The Farmers Almanac predicted a stormy, bitter cold winter for the northeast this year and they were spot on! I think it’s snowed 4 times in the last two weeks alone with temps in the single digits! I know many of you have had the same treatment and worse in some places. Despite the harsh weather I actually like certain parts of winter. I enjoy having my ” chickens ” close to the nest where I can love em up good with healthy, heart warming meals, snugly blankets at the ready for family movie nights and yummy homemade sweets. In some ways, I wish I could freeze winter right now just to make these moments last a little longer. Instead, I’m beginning to feel that old familiar tug at my heartstrings pulling me back to the beach I love so dear. Where cherished memories rest and new adventures await on the not so distant horizon. I think I feel a summer romance coming on. A Beachgirl Romance! It’s a lot like Farmgirl Romance only beachy-er. Follow me! I’ll show ya what I mean! Flip flops are optional! Continue reading