Winter Beginnings in the Yurt

Since my last post about cravings, several have been satiated! Evan and I went out for some delicious Korean food, I skyped with my nieces, got our very first electrical outlet in the yurt, and…it SNOWED! Hooray! Winter is here, and the yurt is treating us well so far. I’d like to think it’s because we are treating the yurt well…It’s a symbiotic, mutually beneficial type of thing. We are good to it, so it is good to us.

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crav-ing (noun): a powerful desire for something; an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing;

Once in awhile, we all want something so badly it is hard to get off of our minds. Sometimes, these come out of nowhere; other times they are fueled by seeing or smelling something that we just can’t forget. Sometimes, it feels like we need these items or we won’t be able to go on. Obviously, these cravings are generally not a part of our hierarchy of needs and we would survive just fine. However, our sanity might take a hit.

One of the most common questions I get asked as a pregnant woman is “do you have any crazy cravings?” Generally, the answer to that is, “Not really…” I crave ice cream and chocolate sometimes, but I think I always crave ice cream and chocolate. Sometimes I crave green things like kale and Brussels sprouts, but I sometimes crave green things when I’m not pregnant. So, while I don’t have any “crazy” food cravings, I am way more apt to give into my food cravings than I was before. I’m generally just a lot more insatiably hungry!

However, I’ve also been taking note of some of life’s cravings that are not food centered.

One of my cravings stems from this beautiful–yet snowless–November in Alaska scene…

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