The Pregnant Farmer

Sometimes people worry about me–“You’re not hauling huge loads, are you?” or “Are you worried about contact with manure?” However, people are mostly the same ol,’ same ol.’ They either think farming is an adventurous and interesting career choice, or they don’t. For those few folks who have worried about my life as a pregnant farm worker, I assure them that my job is safe, fun, and probably much healthier than many other jobs I could have!

The Pregnant Farmer in non-farming clothing.

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Alaskan Mini-Vacations

It has been a busy fall. Between building the yurt, finishing up the farming season, and starting the school year, there shouldn’t be much time for anything else. However, the last two weeks have also seen two multi-day road trips in Alaska. First, Evan and I drove to Kasilof, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula for a friend’s wedding. With Evan being a member of the wedding party, we arrived on a Thursday and made it a long weekend. The following week, I made my way up to Fairbanks to conduct a bit of research for my thesis work. Both trips–even though they were for non-recreation purposes–provided some unexpected, yet welcomed respite from our busy schedules.

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