Fall Is the Artist

Fiery colors begin their yearly conquest of the hills, propelled by the autumn winds. Fall is the Artist

~ Takayuki Ikkaku

Howdy farmgirl sisters! Who’s in the mood for some leaf peepin’? It doesn’t get any better than in our neck of the woods! Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts receive thousands of visitors every year from around the world just to get a good, long gawk at the leaves. We do our fair share of it too so come along on our virtual leaf peeping tour New England style with a surprise stop along the way! Plus I’ll share my top ten favorite  farmgirl  Fall things. Leave a comment and tell us yours too!

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Fall Fodder Road Trip

There’s something about the long Indian Summer days of October that makes me want to get out on the open road and see all I can see before Old Man Winter arrives. Do you like to take a drive? I love a good road trip and sightseeing! Even with gas prices what they are today ($3.50 and higher in these parts) I can still justify taking a ride! It’s in my blood!

If you feel the same way, buckle up and come with me! The Fall color we’re known for world over in New England isn’t here just yet, but I’ve got a heap’un help’un of Fall Fodder to show you, sure to satisfy every Fall lovin’ farmgirl at heart.  We’ll begin with a stop at a local nursury, (just because I LOVE how they gussy up for the season here in New England ) then we’ll go Pumpkin’ pickin’ at Billingsgate Organic Certified Farm Stand where we’ll visit with proprieters Lynn and Peter Reading.

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