Live a Flexible Life

“It will never be perfect. Make it work. Accept the imperfections.”


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Ten Years Ago

What kind of Farmgirl are you?

You know, I always forget how long I’ve been blogging here at MaryJanesFarm. It feels like home to me, so I don’t really think about how long I’ve lived here.

And, of course,

Time flies when you’re having fun!

But recently I noticed that list of links to my previous posts on the right side and decided to take a look back at June 2009, ten years ago.

I started reading the 2009 post and vividly remembered writing it~~ as if it were yesterday.

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Say YES to this year’s YOU Challenge!

Where will your walks take you this year?

1C407F3C-F179-4127-B400-3A94FCABE539It has happened this time every year since 2013.

I try to talk you all into joining us for the YOU Challenge. Every year, Farmgirls make a promise to themselves and each other that during the month of May, they will take a walk. Every day. No matter what. 31 days of a stroll.

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Hot Potato, Couch Potato, Mr. Potato Head

Good news, we think the comment feature is fixed. Whew!

As it turns out. Well…It could have been…”operator error.”

I’m not surprised. I have a curse, a hex, a jinx when it comes to computer programs.

On with this potato post!

Won’t you try the comment feature at the bottom and tell us what your favorite dish is that you make with plain old white potatoes?

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Change is Hard

(Sorry about the comment confusion. We love to hear your thoughts and comments! I think we have finally figured it out!)

Change is hard.

Just ask Late Winter.

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The Magic in the Chipped, Cracked, and Misfits

Ah, the search for the elusive ‘simple living’…

It has become a lengthy quest for me. To be frank, it has stretched out for decades.

And while I have yet to achieve it, I’m getting closer. I’ve discovered many secrets and gifts along my way.

Recently I hit upon one secret without effort or attempt. I’m usually working hard to find them, but this one happened quite by accident. Actually, by necessity. And in this secret, I found some magic of the simple life.

Have you discovered some secrets to simple living? Leave a comment, and share it with us! We need to hear it; we need to share our discoveries with each other.

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Christmas RAGS


Rebecca West!!!! Congratulations! Send me your mailing address. Here’s to keeping your dogs toasty this winter!


about the comment technical difficulty, the cooment feature is now up. If you sent me an email, I have it. I have your facebook comments too. You’re all entered! If you haven’t yet entered and you’d like to comment here to enter, you’re now able to. Otherwise, you can continue to email me at :)

Thanksgiving was a good one, yes? You counted your blessings, ate lots of turkey and dressing, visited with family, and watched football games.

Now the page turns….drum roll please.….AND

Here comes the holiday season! It sure didn’t sneak up on us this year, did it? I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations in stores since before Halloween. Sigh.

(note: I write about Christmas because that’s the winter holiday I celebrate—and that is the one that has become the most complicated—but this applies to all the winter holidays that are celebrated.)

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Oh, Nuts, How We Love Thee.


Autumn, Sweet Autumn.

Where have you been hiding, My Friend?


Oh, how I’ve been longing for you on these hot summer-like days.

And now you’re here.

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A Gem of a Place

Last we met, I was headed off on a journey.

I went to a gem of a place….and danced in the pastures. Guess where?


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Come to the Creek


IMG_7052This blog post is different. It is the first blog post EVER, in ALL the years I’ve been blogging here at maryjanesfarm, that I composed in my head.

Most times I’m sitting at the computer in my home office, occasionally I’ll be outside. Sometimes I have an old school composition notebook and a pen. This time I was outside without computer, without paper, without pen. Just my mental notes. (Which, by the way, are not what they used to be. But I’ll do my best. We’ll see how it goes.)

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